Britt Lari

CONTACT: nic (at) parasolartists (dot) com

Los Angeles based artist, Britt Lari, also known as BIMINI, is a singer, songwriter, and producer of electronic music. Originally a skilled pianist, she eventually earned the title of international elite gymnast, while simultaneously maintaining a prominent singing career in her beloved hometown of Lima, Peru.

A multi-instrumentalist, she grew up playing music but became interested in recording and production at the age of 19. Though her focus is Pop/Electronic, Britt has composed for a variety of genres and does not place creative boundaries in her compositions. Britt’s music has earned features from hit music radio stations like SiriusXM Chill and KISS FM to Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday. In addition, her music has also earned sync placements in commercial ads, tv series, and apps. She has collaborated with high profile artists from all over the world and signed music to multiple labels including majors like Universal Music and Sony. 

Britt’s work is a blend of her many talents, incorporating her passion for music and sound with the beauty of body movement, and last but not least, her latinx heritage.