Felix Raphael

CONTACT: chris (at) parasolartists (dot) com

Felix’s passion for music was evident from the earliest moments of his life. As a young child, his mother introduced him to singing lessons, sparking his fascination with vocal expression. This early exposure set the stage for a musical journey that would see him explore various instruments and ultimately embrace singing as a vital part of his artistic identity. Initially hesitant about blending electronic sounds with his musical background, Felix eventually found his unique musical signature in the synergy of electronic beats, organic indie feels and his distinctive voice. His style defies easy categorization, but it can be best described as Melodic House with a pronounced infusion of organic and classical elements. Above all, melody and harmony remain paramount to him. Collaborations with eminent figures in the music scene such as Ben Boehmer, Oliver Koletzki, Bookashade, and Tinlicker have helped elevate his profile, making his name recognizable. Additionally, Felix started his own label, YION, which is swiftly gaining recognition as a notable Melodic Organic House label in Berlin, which focuses on the crossover side of electronic music with a touch of organic music. Informed by his rich musical background, Felix’s enduring passion for live performances has persisted. He meticulously crafted a live set and performance, exclusively featuring his original productions accompanied by live singing, electric guitar and spontaneous musical improvisations.