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Glowworm is the music of Atlanta, GA guitarist Kevin Scott Davis and Warsaw-based pianist & vocalist Asia Dojnikowska. Though both are classically trained, with Dojnikowska formally studying classical piano for 12 years in Poland and Davis earning a degree in music composition in the US, together the pair opt to trade academic intellectualism for simple beauty. This is evidenced by the duo’s restrained use of piano and ambient guitar textures, elevated to etheria by Dojnikowska’s soft and multilayered alto.

After initially working with Davis on the 2020 album “Midnight Intervals,” Dojnikowska and Davis found such rapport that Dojnikowska was asked to become a full-time member. Over the next two years, amid many remixes and collaborations, a new full-length album, “Harvest”, was recorded, this time leaning into their new sound as a duo, and largely centered around Dojnikowska’s presence as a pianist and vocalist. The album features the elegant, minimalist arrangements of piano, ambient guitar, and voice that have come to define the duo’s sound, elevated further by emotive string arrangements performed by friends and collaborators Annasara Lundgren & Gerda Holmquist (Annasara) and Maciej Sadowski & Małgorzata Znarowska (LowBow).